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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Product Photography DIY: Coke

We often see photographs, posted on eBay, Amazon.com or other trading websites, come in a clean white background. This is an important aspect in product photography, as it draws the attention of the viewers directly onto your products. This is usually done by using a light tent. Paired with proper lightings, the products would appear softly lit with a clean background.

Being a cheapskate, I always look for cheaper alternatives. Let me share how I can achieve the same (or at least similar) clean white background effect for less than a dollar. What I need is simple - a piece of mahjong paper. It is pretty easy, just pin the mahjong paper onto a box or just tape it to the wall. Make sure you do not fold the paper. We will just let the paper curve naturally from the box /wall to the foreground. This will remove all the ugly and unwanted creases from the background. And now we are ready to go! Do take care of your lightings to prevent harsh shadows.

Here are some samples of my Coke collection taken with the mahjong paper background...

With Portraits

Festive Season

Football Series

Various Language

Black or White

Big or Small

Various Forms

Diet Coke

Glass Bottles

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