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Friday, March 13, 2009

Renomael's A - Z

A for Am Moh

B for Bak Kut Teh

C for Char Koay Teow

D for Dragon Fruits

E for Eye-Catching

F for Ferry

G for Giving

H for Hujan

I for Ice-Cream

J for Jeans , a very Fugly Jeans !!!

K for Kenari

L for Lobak

M for Money

N for Nasi Lemak

O for Old Klang

P for Popiah

Q for Quran

R for Rokok

S for ShihLin XXXXXXL Chicken

Traffic Cop

U for Ubi

V for Vivid

W for Whisper

X for X-MAS

Y for Yong Tau Fu

Z for ZzZzzzz

Finally !!!!
Dude ... Next time please don't come out with so MA HUAN de topic larrrr ....


  1. u're supposed to post one letter at a time la dude~ haha, who ask u so kiasu post all at a go!