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Monday, March 23, 2009

10 Golden Tips (for Sony Alpha users)

Before I proceed with my wedding series, I would like to share some golden tips that might be useful for you, beginners out there. I'm using Sony A350, so the terminology I'm gonna use in the following tips would be specific to A350. Anyway, you may also find the similar functions on your N or C cameras.

Tip #1
To make sure that the pictures you've taken are not blurred, zoom in to x6.0 to check for the sharpness of straight lines (for general subjects) or eyes (for portraits).

Tip #2
Always use SuperSteady Shot. There's no reason we don't use it, or is there one?

Tip #3
Turn on DRO(+) at 90% of the time.

Tip #4
Switch to DRO or OFF when the subject is brightly lit.

Tip #5
For waterfall shots, choose 1" to 5" shutter. You might need a ND filter and a tripod for this purpose.

Tip #6
Control the aperture well, you can control the essence of the photo...

<=F4: For portraits. Use larger aperture (smaller F-number) to isolate main subject from background

F5.6 - F8: For travel/general/group/journalism

>=F11: For scenery/landscape. You might need a tripod.

Tip #7
Capture more lights by using a higher ISO.

Outdoor: ISO200

Indoor (well-lit): ISO400

Indoor (dim): ISO800

*Noise level might be a little high at ISO higher than 800.

Tip #8
For panning shots, use shutter speed ranging from 1/15sec to 1/60sec, depending on your subject. First,lock the focus on the subject, then follow the motion of the subject and press the shutter.

Tip #9
When dust is present on CCD, always get it cleaned by profesionals. If it is not possible to send the camera in for servicing (e.g. when travelling), shoot at widest aperture to keep the dusts out of focus.

Tip #10
Keep your gears in a dry cabinet and set the humidity level to 45-50% to prevent the growth of fungus.